Why Coffee Network Club?

Coffee Network Club has members you can meet with to discuss business and build a professional relationship with.

How do I pick a meeting?

On our home page is the schedule, from there you can choose the coffee appointment and set who you want to meet, when, and where.

Who do I choose to meet?

You are free to choose whoever you want to meet! Make sure to pick the correct date and time!

What if I need to reschedule?

Feel free to call or email the professional you were planning to meet and cancel the meeting. You are also free to reschedule.

How many professionals can I meet every week?

As many as you want, business growth has no limits!

Where can the professional and I meet?

Your local coffee shop is the destination is the best place to meet one another. Make sure it’s a suitable location, otherwise call and relocate.

How do I become a Member of Coffee Network Club?

Give us a call or email us! Go to our contact page and ask how you can become a member.

How do Members schedule coffee appointments?

Right under the calendar in the profile page you have to click on the “special times” you want to have coffee, the duration is 1 hour.
Example: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.
The “breaks” are for your regular hours and have no coffee appointments.



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